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Low level waste (LLW) makes up at least 80% of the waste generated by Dounreay’s decommissioning. The wastes consist of debris such as metal, plastics and rags contaminated during the clean-out and demolition of the facilities at Dounreay where radioactive materials were handled. A low level waste disposal facility was identified as the best practicable environmental option for the waste.


We helped DSRL create a LLW management strategy to support their decommissioning work. In phase one, we needed to achieve planning permission and radioactive substances authorisation for a temporary LLW store.  In phase two, we needed to engage extensively with the regulatory bodies and local community, culminating in the necessary approvals to develop and operate a LLW disposal facility at Dounreay, the only such facility in Scotland. 


DSRL were granted planning permission and RSA authorisation for a separate LLW storage facility, and later for operation of a LLW disposal facility.

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Dr Ron Crawford: Head of Planning and Regulatory Affairs

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