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A tailor made suite of land use planning documents was required to translate the Dounreay Site Restoration Plan into a development phased master plan and development schedule.


The Dounreay Planning Framework (DPF) was the first of its kind in the UK.

The DPF details several major Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) development proposals (capital expenditure in excess of £2 billion) required to safely decommission the site, and sets a phased and legally robust planning application and EIA strategy.

Drawing upon our extensive experience of working with nuclear and environmental regulators and engaging with local communities, we guided the production of the DPF and set a public consultation strategy with the Highland Council in order to achieve adoption of the DPF as part of the Development Plan. 


Dounreay Planning Framework was adopted as part of the Development Plan. It’s adoption set a UK industry first!

Client Comment

In my view, Zyda Law's 'can do' attitude, demonstrated track record focused on client needs and ability to respond positively to challenging instructions far exceeds many much larger firms such as Morton Fraser, Maclay, Murray & Spens and Semple Faser. 

Dr Ron Crawford, Head of Planning and Regulatory Affairs

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