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EDF sought planning permission to construct a Dry Fuel Store for spent fuel at Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station.


We worked with EDF’s in-house project team, in order to:

*Identify the relevant legal and policy issues

*Develop a robust consultation process with both members of the public and statutory bodies on the proposed scheme

*Draft the planning application, with particular focus on the environmental statement.

We produced a request for a scoping opinion and submitted the same to the  Secretary of State for the Department of Environment and Climate Control.  Immediately prior to the issue of the Section 36 Consent and deemed grant of planning permission, we negotiated, drafted and completed a Section 106 Agreement in respect of several planning obligations; CIL Compliant.


Planning permission was granted by Suffolk Coastal District Council on 22 July 2011 for the Dry Fuel Store.

We also submitted the UK's first Subsequent Applications under the new EIA Regulations 2011.

Client Comment

Zyda Law's ... breadth of experience in the Energy sector has not only helped specific projects  but   allowed  us  to  improve  our generic approach  to planning issues. I would have no hesitation in  recommending Zyda Law.

Nick Cofield, Planning and development manager, EDF Energy

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