Logo EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited Hunterston Turbine Support Office Hunterston B Nuclear Power Station, Scotland


EDF Energy required the provision of a new turbine support office to support the ongoing generation of low carbon electricity at the Hunterston B station.


We were instructed to produce a planning application and supporting planning (design and access) statement and to act as agents to guide the application through the consenting process.We were also retained to apply for and obtain the Building Warrant. 


Planning permission for the new turbine support building was successfully achieved and shortly after we issued the notice of commencement, EDF Energy commenced construction.

Client Comment

Zyda Law's ... breadth of experience in the Energy sector has not only helped specific projects but allowed us to improve our generic approach to planning issues. I would have no hesitation in recommending Zyda Law.

Nick Cofield: Planning and Development Manager

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