Our Office and Commercial Development Experience

We have a history of successful involvement in Office developments and the related planning and environmental issues.

Some of our experiences include advising on:

  • Large and Small Scale Office Development
  • Planning Policy
  • Section 106 Agreements

The Office Market and clients

We have significant experience advising internationally recognised companies and organisations about EU and UK legislation and policy.  

Why our work is important

As leading planning lawyers, we understand the issues facing the industry and UK generally. Government Policy seeks to ensure the vitality of town centres including promoting competitive town centre environments and ensuring the growth of town centres over the coming years. Our work helps this goal to become a reality; we assist our office developer clients in obtaining planning consent for their developments. Our work in both the office and retail sectors ensures diversity and individuality in town centres in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework. 

Case studies and contact details

To find out more about our office development capabilities, telephone 01789 413 949 and speak to Paul Zyda, Principal (or email:  

Change of Use and Permitted Development
Land Acquisition
Commercial Advice
  • Recent changes to General Permitted Development Order have relaxed planning controls in respect of certain types of development and have added new changes of use which have the benefit of permitted development rights. We have extensive knowledge of the General Permitted Development Order and have advised our clients about rights which are relevant to them. Our work has included producing a ‘Permitted Development Guide’ to enable our client to understand when they may use certain permitted development rights to achieve planning consent for their proposals. 

  • Our commercial property experience extends beyond planning. We have also assisted our clients in land acquisition either through traditional purchase or leasing of land or through means of a Compulsory Purchase Order.

    Our knowledge of planning and environmental law means we are uniquely placed to be able to understand the constraints of a particular site prior to acquisition by the client and therefore we are able to offer them commercial advice as to the suitability of the land in question.

    We are experts in understanding the obligations and conditions contained in previously obtained planning permissions and section 106 agreements. We can work with our client’s commercial property lawyers to produce a planning due diligence report to assist in understanding the constraints of a piece of land.

  • We advise on planning and environmental legal issues affecting retail and leisure development proposals.

    Retail and Leisure developers trust us to provide confident advice on planning and environmental matters affecting their proposals and how to form strategies to overcome challenges and promote their vision. 

    With our expertise in various sectors, particularly with nationally significant infrastructure projects, we are always mindful of developer's commercial requirements and aspirations.