Logo Scottish Power Holford (EON) underground gas storage facility and processing plant Former Byley Airfield, Cheshire


Scottish Power sought planning permission for an underground (8 salt cavity) gas storage facility and above ground processing plant in open countryside, contrary to development plan policies and against a tide of well organised local opposition concerned with safety and impacts to the countryside.


We structured and promoted on appeal a detailed planning case accompanied by an environmental statement. Drawing upon our extensive experience of contentious major development we structured a policy based ‘UK plc.’ energy need case, dealt with site selection and alternatives and produced safety case evidence.  The Secretary of State granted consent.


We further assisted Scottish Power in the sale of this UK PLC infrastructure to E.ON. The planning permission has been implemented. The facility is now operational.

Client Comment

Zyda Law’s depth of knowledge and methodical attention to detail throughout proved a winning combination.

James Stanley, Legal Director

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