Sizewell B DFS Section 96A Applications Approved 21Mar2014

Sizewell B DFS Section 96A Applications Approved

We are pleased to announce that EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited (EDF) were granted a non material amendment to planning permission for the construction and operation of a Dry Fuel Store, as an extension to the Sizewell B nuclear generation station, on Thursday 20th March 2014.

Permission has been granted to vary working hours on Saturdays. This will mean that construction on the DFS can progress more quickly; on time and on budget.

The DFS will store spent nuclear fuel from 2015 for the lifetime of the power station, which is due to be decommissioned in 2035, or until a deep geological disposal facility is available.

Zyda Law have worked closely with EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited (EDF) for a number of years, providing them with expert advice on planning and environmental regulatory requirements, using our specialist understanding of UK and European nuclear law.  We have delivered ground breaking advice to EDF on the means of securing planning flexibility; devising a multi stage consenting process, and advised on the requirements relating to the provision of environmental information.

21st March 2014