Our Waste Experience

Our waste (including renewable energy) experience spans more than two decades and includes advising clients on: 

  • Radioactive waste; Intermediate level and low level waste storage and disposal 
  • Municipal, commercial and industrial waste; landfill, renewable energy, transport and nuisance 
  • Hazardous substances and waste; use, storage and disposal
  • Energy from Waste (including combined heat and power) developments

The waste market and clients

With our experience, we understand the legal, political and community drivers which shape your waste management projects.

In the UK waste market, we have broad experience of various waste streams. We have successfully achieved planning permissions and secured environmental permits for:

  • Major landfill extension
  • Low level and intermediate level storage and disposal
  • Energy from Waste (and CHP) generating station

Our experience advising on nationally significant infrastructure projects for blue chip developers means that we understand our clients’ commercial requirements in addition to the legal and policy requirements of the waste authorities. We help clients create robust strategies and provide a first rate comprehensive environmental legal service.

Why our work is important 

The UK Government has made it a priority to deal with waste by reducing, reusing, recycling and recovering to avoid disposal. If waste is unnecessarily disposed, valuable resources are lost. The Government recognises that positive planning is needed in order for waste management projects to happen. We understand the planning system and can make projects such as ‘Energy from Waste’ facilities a reality. This enables waste to be put to good use, decreasing damage to the environment and helping fulfil the UK’s obligations under the EU waste directives. 

Case studies and contact details

To find out more about our experience you may either download our Waste Capability Statement, or view our Waste Case Studies.  For a confidential discussion please contact Paul Zyda, Principal on 01789 413949 or email paulzyda@zydalaw.com.

Radioactive waste
Waste Management
Hazardous Waste
Energy from Waste
  • Radioactive Waste 

    Since 1999, we have been acting in the decommissioning of the Dounreay site in Scotland. In this time we have secured many grants of planning permissions including: 

    Following our extensive work in the energy and waste sectors, we can advise authoritatively on issues ranging from decontamination to Energy from Waste developments.

  • Municipal, Commercial and Industrial Waste

    We provide general legal support for waste management facilities.  We have many years of experience of dealing with environmental regulators and have successfully advised on:

    • Environmental permits
    • Statutory and common law nuisance
    • Regulatory enforcement
    • Export licences

    There are many political, environmental and legislative issues around the safe and effective management of waste. The law governing waste management is complex and continually developing. Our extensive experience from our involvement in waste infrastructure projects enables us to provide the expertise in all areas of waste management.

  • Hazardous Waste

    We have many years’ experience helping clients with:

    • Hazardous waste management
    • Recycling
    • On-site and off-site response actions
    • Waste facility permits
    • Site investigations
    • Compliance

    We also help our clients obtain and understand the legal nature of Hazardous Substances Consents.

  • Energy from Waste

    We obtained consent for one of the largest EfW facilities in the EU - read our case study about the Runcorn EfW facility.  

    Our work with EfW facilities involves project managing the application, helping our clients put together a strong multi-disciplinary team and ensuring that the correct information is provided to comply with the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations and Habitats Directive.