Our Transport Experience


We’re planning and environmental law experts - we advise on all aspects of European and UK law and policy on transport, particularly road and rail freight.  

Our transport project experience is extensive and includes: 

  • Advising on planning permission for rail and road freight intermodals and distribution parks
  • Advising on strategic planning and regulatory compliance
  • Advising on highways and road transport

The transport market and clients 

We have over 20 years’ experience of making our client’s transport projects a reality.

In the UK legal market, we have cutting-edge experience of transport infrastructure developments including acting for: 

  • An international food retailer developing a road-based logistics centre
  • Various development companies and investment funds developing rail freight intermodals and distribution parks in the UK and France
  • An international chemical company on sustainable modes of transport

Why our work is important 

Our work in the transport sector is important because we’re helping our clients comply with UK Government policies which aim to create a better environment. A recent UK Government ministerial statement recognised that the logistics industry makes a significant contribution to the national economy, generating around £110 billion annually, employing more than two million people and transporting over 100 million tonnes of goods per year.

In line with environmental policy, the UK Government encourages companies to move freight from roads to the rail network where this will cut down on negative environmental effects, particularly carbon emissions. Also relevant is the European principle of co-modality which encourages use of the most sustainable mode of trasnsport. We’ve worked closely with clients to make their transport infrastructure development projects a reality, in line with these policies.

Case studies & contact details 

To find out more about our expwerience you may either download our Transport Capability Statement, or view our Transport Case Studies.  For a confidential discussion please telephone Paul Zyda, Principal on 01789 413 949 or email

Road and Rail Intermodals
Port Development
Road Transport
Commercial Advice
  • Planning permission for road and rail freight intermodals

    We have helped our clients achieve planning permission for large transport infrastructure projects. 

    Logistics is a growing sector as the global market expands. In line with environmental policy, the UK Government encourages companies to move freight from roads to the rail network wherever possible in order to cut down on negative environmental effects.

    We provide a first-rate comprehensive planning and environmental service to clients and our experience in this sector is impressive. We act for a specialist land solution company on commercial , planning and environmental matters about various national and international rail freight distribution parks.

  • Port and Dock Developments

    We have acted for major clients on deep sea port development in Europe. 

    We understand and guide our clients through the planning system including ensuring EIA compliance. This is especially important because large ports fall under Schedule 1 of the EIA regulations so they require an Environmental Statement - which we help our clients to produce.

    We have also acted for individuals and charities that require our expert knowledge on the EIA regulations. For these clients, we launched several objections about large-scale port and dock developments. (We did this work on a not-for-profit basis.)

  • Highways and Road Transport

    We have advised various clients on the scope and structure of transport assessments and the transport chapter of Environmental Statements. We’re very familiar with EU and UK policy requirements for highway developments and our clients gain extra value from our advice on proposed highway mitigation proposals, including HGV routing agreements and catchment area restrictions. 

    Our experience includes:

    • Advising on rail, water and road logistics, particularly sustainable modes of transport and greenhouse gas emissions
    • Advising on the compulsory purchase powers for the widening of the M6
    • Drafting various agreements under s.278 and s.38 of The Highways Act 1980
    • Obtaining Road Transporter Licences
  • Strategic planning advice and regulatory compliance 

    We advise on planning and environmental legal issues affecting major freight development proposals.

    Logistics developers trust us to provide confident advice on planning and environmental matters affecting their proposals and how to form strategies to overcome challenges and promote their vision. 

    With our expertise in various sectors, particularly with nationally significant infrastructure projects, we are always mindful of developer's commercial requirements and aspirations.