Renewable Energy

Our Renewable Energy Experience

Our renewable energy experience spans more than a decade and includes advising on Energy from Waste (including combined heat and power) developments and  Wind Farm development proposals. We have also been approached in relation to a tidal power generation project.

The renewable energy market and clients

We work for multinational companies in this sector and we understand the legal, political and community drivers which shape your renewable energy projects.Our experience advising on nationally significant infrastructure projects for blue chip developers means that we understand our clients’ commercial requirements together with legal and policy requirements of the authorities. We help clients create robust strategies and provide a first rate, comprehensive legal service.

Why our work is important

The 2009 Renewable Energy Directive sets a target for the UK to achieve 15% of its energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020. The Government have recognised that the scale of the increase over the next 10 years represents a huge challenge which will require a considerable amount of investment. Water, Wind and Solar power can be harnessed in order to produce electricity and Biomass is becoming increasingly important for the UK in terms of meeting the 2020 target. Zyda Law can make any of these infrastructure projects a reality. We support renewable energy projects and ultimately this work decreases our reliance on fossil fuels. Our work helps the UK to combat climate change.

Case studies and contact details

To find out more about our renewable experience, either download our Energy capability Statement, or read our Energy Case Studies.  For a confidential discussion please telephone Paul Zyda, Principal on 01789 413949 or email 

Biomass: Energy from Waste
Wind Power
Tidal and Hydroelectric Power
  • Biomass: Energy from Waste (Combined Heat and Power)

    We obtained consent for one of the largest EfW facilities in the EU - read our case study about the Runcorn EfW facility.  

    Our work with EfW facilities involves project managing the application, helping our clients put together a strong multi-disciplinary team and ensuring that the correct information is provided to comply with the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations and Habitats Directive.

  • Wind Power

    We have advised major clients on various renewable energy projects including wind farm projects. We offered our expert opinion on site selection and all relevant local and national policies. Our advice helped our clients to kick start their projects and ensured that their application progressed smoothly through the planning process. 

  • Tidal and Hydroelectric Power

    We understand our clients' commercial requirements and the legal and policy requirements of authorities. This expertise comes from our 20+ years of experience advising on nationally significant infrastructure projects for blue chip developers.

    We help clients create robust strategies and provide a first-rate comprehensive environmental legal service, We can successfully manage hydroelectric and tidal power projects in order to make your renewable energy development a reality.

    We’ve advised on water infrastructure projects and can apply our expertise to your development proposals.