Zyda Law: Paving The Way 04Apr2014

Zyda Law: Paving the Way

Receiving planning permission for a major development in the nuclear industry in just over twelve months is no small feat. Major planning applications can attract wide public interest and it’s not uncommon for objections to be raised to a local authority causing a major administrative headache. In a recent article titled “Paving the Way,” Carl Beck MRICS, Planning Applications Manager at the Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL), discusses a project that has been described as an “exemplar” by the RICS Land Journal.

At Zyda Law, we’ve been working with DSRL and the Highland Council to achieve this success.  Our work with DSRL is ground-breaking. In 2013, we secured planning permission for Phase 2 of DSRL’s 35-year decommissioning programme, which includes removing intermediate level radioactive waste from Dounreay’s ‘shaft and silo’ and changing the use of an existing waste facility so this waste can be stored there instead, until the construction of a national geological disposal facility.

We look forward to continuing our innovating work at Dounreay.

Zyda Law

April 2014 

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