Zyda Law - Energy from Waste - Planning Appeal Success 20Sep2013

On 30th July, a planning inquiry opened to hear an appeal by our client, INEOS ChlorVinyls, against Halton Borough Council’s failure to determine four applications – each of which related to details to be submitted for approval required to enable the commencement of commercial operation of the INEOS Energy from Waste Facility, Runcorn.  The 3 day inquiry closed on 1st August.

On 18th September 2013, the Inspector, appointed by the Planning Inspectorate, Mrs Susan Holland, issued a decision letter allowing our client’s appeal in full.  The approved applications were made by Zyda Law, as agents, in accordance with the requirements for Subsequent Applications made under Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 2011.  

The development proposed is the construction of a combined heat and power energy from waste fuelled generating station with an operational capacity of 850,000 tonnes per annum.  It is the UK’s largest energy from waste plant.

Opposition to the applications came from local action group, Halton Action Group Against the Incinerator (HAGATI). Having carefully considered all evidence the Inspector was satisfied that the details lodged by our client were appropriate and fully satisfied the requirements for monitoring the noise impact of the facility and the air quality in the local area.

INEOS have expressed their delight with the victory, Julian Watts, Energy Projects Manager, stated, that the decision was “fantastic news” and gave a “thank you to all involved for such a positive result”.

Zyda Law continues to work with INEOS ChlorVinyls and advise them on planning matters in relation to their Energy from Waste facility in Runcorn.

September 2013