Thames Tideway Tunnel Granted Development Consent 12Sep2014

Thames Tideway Tunnel Granted Development Consent

Today the Secretary of State for the Environment and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government granted development consent for the Thames tideway tunnel project.

The project, proposed by Thames Water Utilities Limited involves development of a 5-mile, 7.2 meter-wide ‘super sewer’ between Thames Water sites at Acton Storm Tanks and Abbey Mills Pumping Station in London. Its storage capacity will be up 1,250,000 cubic metres.

In their decision letter, the Secretaries of State considered the following to be important and relevant to the decision to grant consent:

  • Benefits to the ecology of the River Thames and Tidal Tributaries Site of Interest for Nature Conservation during the operational phase of the project
  • Provision of new public realm and public open space during the operational phase of the project
  • Socio-economic benefits resulting from the generation of employment during the construction phase
  • Improved river recreational opportunities resulting from improved water quality during the operational phase of the project
  • Improved river water quality and the resultant contribution towards meeting the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive and the Water Framework Directive

However, particular emphasis was also placed on the following factors which counted against granting consent;

  • The adverse noise impacts during construction and the associated impacts on amenity, health and well-being of local communities…
  • Loss of open space at Deptford Church Street and King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore during construction
  • Harm to affected heritage assets or their setting resulting from the development which include assets of the highest significance.

The Secretaries of State concluded that on balance there was a good case in favour of making the order granting Development Consent which was; “not outweighed by the likely adverse impacts of the development as mitigated by the proposed terms of the Order and related legal agreements”.  The Secretaries proposed some amendments to the draft order.

Construction on the sewer is expected to commence in 2016.

A link to the decision and the application documents can be found at the link below;

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